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I’ve been always amazed by the skill that how my mother used to identify my friend’s loyalty towards me, without understanding our subjects, without much idea about the depth of our conversation or without sometimes even knowing their names. “Yeah tera acha dost hain” (This is a true friend of yours) was a typical statement of hers with which she will start with and then she will go on to speak about comparing this one with other friends who were my favourite finding their faults.

I was also amazed by her command on the general disease and household remedies, she used to offer dozens of advice every month making someone’s life easier from constipation to stomach pain of a kid who does not have words. In those days the internet was not so handy to figure out why a kid is crying in the middle of the night to how to offer home laxatives without going to the nearest medical which was 3 kilometres away. She didn’t find a way to use her ingenuity among the corporate boardroom but in the corridors of the temple post, the bhajans (music sung for god) the chat helped many mothers in terms of how to handle their kids more attentively.

The most nostalgic moment with my mother however has been when there were days of problems, problems of various kinds, she will be first to understand there’s a problem and also whether or not she will have a solution she will always give strength to face the problem, she will calm the mind and she will make you think about the problem. Our family has come out of various problems with a strength of her nature, although once the moment has passed, we remember only our father about how he has done it, but not so much of mother who has set up an environment in which he has thought deeply about the problem and came up with a solution.

I felt the same innate characteristics exhibited in my wife, who’s coincidentally a housewife too from quite the early days of my marriage. She would know there’s an important meeting tomorrow about which I’ve never told her, just by reading a few lines on my forehead, she would have an idea when I am not presenting my points confidently so lying is next to impossible to her, she is a walking lie detector, and overall myself along with my two kids have hardly missed any bus, due to late breakfast or late tiffin, immaterial of our time of sleep last night.

It’s amazing to figure out how many characters one could hold being a housewife and I feel thrilled about it. When we work every day in our lives take things for granted, overlook body language and stop absorbing from everyday life, there’s a never-say-die strength in some souls which not only make themselves on but also subsidizes path for many other connected lives.



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